April Begins!

Week 14 April 2nd through April 8th


I am falling quickly off the wagon! But understandably. Taxes are due in less than two weeks. Rando- things are coming around. If it just was tax-work, I would be fine. But there are the random filings and questions that need to be addressed before D-Day. A few last-minute meetings meant no runs on Tuesday or Wednesday. The weather is still not cooperating. 

If I am running in the cold, I would rather run when it is nice and bright outside. This usually means an early start to work in the wee-hours. I have been lucky enough to just get the run in most nights I use this strategy. This lucky streak had to end somewhere. 

Thank god I did not make any declarations or lofty goals for April. Work and weather are fierce enemies of the ambitious runner. Needless to say, the week ended with only 28 miles. This is not something to turn your nose at. 

65 hours of work were logged. Kids actually got to school. A lot of volleyball tournaments were watched. And dinner was on the table about 5 days of the week.  

Week 15!


April 9th through April 15. 


Tax season is almost done! I have planned well for this week. I took a few extra hours to prep extremely healthy casseroles for the week. My stepdaughter’s athletic practices have doubled up and giving me a great excuse to keep up on it. 

Another busy week stupid weather week. I took the time to look at my tracking sheet and noticed it has been over a month since I turned on my treadmill. I am not upset about this at all. Although I am not running at a consistent time each day, I can call this a blessing. 

I volunteered to take the stepdaughter to practice and utilize the bike trail again. This was exactly where I wanted to be for a momentous occasion. I have trained for 2 marathons there. Cried, and shit my shorts for the first time on that wonderful pavement. And unlike all the other milestones of the year, I didn’t do this in my neighborhood or on the darn treadmill. 500 miles. Although a tiny bit late in the game, it is still 500. 

Unfortunately, I did not stop at the port-a-potty and had to shamefully utilize the convenient store. I had no money to buy something but after using the bathroom, I knew I had to get the hell out of there as fast as possible! 

This week is another short week due to work demands. The kids are both in sports Saturday and Sundays. Leaving little room for anything else. 30 miles done. 

Week 16 April 16 through April 22

April 16 through April 22


I have just hit a wall that seems insurmountable. For whatever reason, there seems to be little to no motivation in me to actually do much. The week dragged on with crappy weather again! I am still avoiding my treadmill like the plague. 32 miles. That is it! What happened? Nothing. No planning happened. Wrapping up tax season and ramping up other work projects tends to make things seem to drag on. 

I should have started to plan but it did not happen. I unfortunately have to put more miles on the credit card! Agh! 

Week 17

April 23 Through April 29


I maybe going through runner depression. I think about sitting down and making a detailed plan with scheduled races and fun things to look forward to. But find other ways to distract myself. I have also not published any blog posts since forever! Just look at what I’ve accomplished running-wise. Nothing! Actually, as of Sunday, its more like 122 miles one of my worst months ever running. I feel ashamed. 

In this haze, I do not to on the Instagram or Facebook to see all the amazing progress others are making. Because it depresses the hell out of me. I am sitting here recommitting to this horrendous idea of completing 2,018 miles. 

In March, during the crazy busy season, I kept up with it and committed to trying for 200 miles. It was even colder than February and I still trudged outside and pounded out 172-ish miles. Just think of what I can accomplish in May? So tonight, I sit down with my spreadsheet, credit card and plan out the summer attack for an awesome fall racing season. I feel like Dave Ramsey would have so much to lecture me about. I am too afraid to calculate my “running” budget. But its time to buckle down. 

And on the biggest plus size ever happened this week. My husband who has been working weekends since the year started is now weekend free! This entire month has been single-mom weekend with kids in two practically full-time sports. I was trying to fit in extra work, games, tournaments, meal preps and house up-keep alone or with kids. I am hoping that now that we have another parent to take some slack, my weekend runs can actually occur. 

I cannot believe I am posting this. But hell. This is life. This is my dismal running.