This was a doozie of a week.  My plate was full from start to finish.  I meal prepped on Sunday which took a billion years.  For some reason this takes me forever.  

Monday was a quick run for whatever reason.  I could not get over my damn stomach pains.  I lost hope!  

Tuesday was the last vestige of July.  I made it count with a fill run.  Ending July with only 154.5 miles.  Yes!  I did only 154.5.  I should be doing about 20 more miles a week on average. I was obsessing about the monthly tallies earlier this year and still not hitting it.  Now, I am more terrified about the marathon I signed up for.  

Wednesday and Thursday found me in the same good spirits and I pounded out 6-ish miles a piece those days.  By Friday, I was feeling fantastic but getting super nervous about my long run.  7 miles that morning to coincide with the 18 miles I HAD to run on Saturday.  

This was how my weekend had to go:  Overtime at work to finish a report, monthly reconciliations for clients, the house needing cleaned, and the only 3 days of tax reprieve for school shopping.  So let's add in the necessary billion miles to run as well.  I mean, people run 3/4 of a marathon and go shopping for hours everyday right?  This is not a problem!  I work up at 0400.  This is my usual time on the weekdays.  I also knew that this would have to be done mostly on the damn treadmill.  After eating my peanut butter toast with a little coffee and a potty break, it was time to roll at 0500.  I even got a load of laundry put in there.  I almost lost my damn mind at mile 13.  Luckily the sun was out and I was so happy to go out and tackle very NON-FLAT neighborhood for 5 miles.  

All done before 0900.  YES.  

Then the hard part.  Shopping for crap that is over priced and the kids will either (1) lose within the first week of school or less, (2) break, spoil or render useless in a month, or (3) profess need for even more expensive items and never use them only to throw in the Goodwill pile next year and my favorite (4) buy shit they already have but it is cuter and going to look like its been rubbed in mud within the first quarter of the school year.  I cannot express how badly i detest this experience.  I kept it going for over 5 hours. I only made the youngest cry once!

I noticed that my Fitbit's time was getting off.  Like really bad.  It stopped syncing to my damn phone on Wednesday.  Luckily, I have had to use another run-tracking app to get this finished.  I feel so lost without proper data.  Like the whole long-ass runs meant NOTHING.  Five years of having a fitness tracker and I am SOL.  We move on...  Luckily the weekly mileage is WAY up!  Thanks to the marathon training kicking into high gear.  


No fitbit will sync to my stupid phone.  I cannot get accurate reads on my sleep, runs, steps, heart rate, or anything!  I wonder if I am alive.  I think I am addicted.  Yet, she persisted.  This week had a 20 miler on the calendar.  Lots of huge mid-week runs and still a full docket of crap to do.  

0400 was my wake-up everyday.  I did not deviate from this.  Monday and Friday's 10 milers came with ease.  Shockingly.  I made sure that Tuesday and Thursday's cross-training happened BEFORE i got the runs in.  It felt like flying blind without much needed Fitbit data.  But I have a marathon to prepare for.  

My Saturday run-plan had to accommodate for the weather.  A few years ago, I got caught in a thunderstorm on a trail.  It was difficult to get back to my vehicle.  We had such a storm in the forecast mid-morning.  I figured I would do the damn run in my neighborhood and slip home to the treadmill to finish it off.  The problem being the hill-climbing.  Serious hill climbing.  This is fine for those mid-week runs.  But obviously, I lost my sanity along with my Fitbit syncing. 

I flipping KILLED it.  It was great.  I had to stop a few times.  My daughter actually got out on her bike for a loop.  She couldn't get up the hills in some parts.  It wasn't too bad until she fell.  How?  She doesn't even know.  There was a boo-boo and then she was DONE.  At least she got some outside time before the rain hit.  The rain hit right at the end of mile 19.  I thought I could get in another mile, but then the lightening started.  I could not run fast enough.  I had to cut it short.  Which I am OK with.  the hills made up for that crap.  

My body feels great.  A little sore but well worked.  Those hills can kill, but I do feel pretty strong.  

On the plus side, HEAVY running = lots of miles logged for #RuntheYear2018.

48.7 miles logged!  Finally, we got 1,100.  

Week #3

This was another fantastic week.  I did keep the mileage low and slow, but gave myself a little push at the end.  The kids are some-what ready to go back to school and I am ready to just get them there.  

The heat is not really a big issue.  It has started to cool off, but apart of me knows that this cannot be for real.  I am sure we will feel more later.  The humidity is just not being a great friend.  But every morning I wake up and get something in.  It is heavy to breath in.  Even at 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the atmosphere is muggy.  But the best time to get it in is five in the morning!  

I have been waking up around 0400.  Usually I would try to push myself out the door as soon as possible.  But I have held off and started to "wake up" a little more.  For some reason on my poor study of social media runners, I assumed this would equate to better times.  But I have not seen this as the case.  

Saturday was almost a bust.  The heat and humidity made a 15 mile hell.  I went out to the trails and listened to the most boring audiobook possible.  The energy gels just did not sit right in my stomach.  The urge to pass out hit me a few times.  I just don't know how this marathon is going to happen! 

Week #4

Schools has finally started!  This is exciting.  I am ready for the children to be on a more regular routine.  Other than activities, outings, playdates and other crap randomly here and there.  We were all extremely busy, but there is nothing like a set routine to just make me feel better.  

On the other hand, I need to run like a bunch of miles and feel good about myself.  YAY!  For the first time ever I am getting more miles in the month of August than I have all year.  Waking up at the butt-crack of dawn EVERY day helps.  I have seen no difference in my pacing if I wait a half hour to an hour.  But the extra time helps me get lunches together and eat toast.  I do not feel rushed to cut my workout short in order to get the lunches packed.  This is a positive.  

The air is now extremely hot.  The only time to run is zero-dark-thirty.  But my little munchkin ran with me a few times in the morning for the last mile or so.  I think it was the only time she could reasonably exert anything physical as the rest of the day is too hot.  

Another 15 miler on Saturday.  This went a little better but still my foot's plantar flaciatis is kust kicking my butt.