This week was filled with such high high hopes! It started out pretty well. I employed a lot more split runs throughout the day. For some reason the neon lights of my basement at 5am turn me off! I would have to go into work and need to put some steps on the log before leaving. No one wants to come home to a full run on that stupid treadmill after a long day at work right? Three days out of the week, I ran 2-3 miles in the morning and then slapped 2-3 more on at night. Marvelous! I found that I would make time after one of these runs for a fantastic cross-training session AND ended the day digging myself out of the hole. 

Then shit happened. Wednesday evening I get a text from my renters that the heat was not working. Mind you, it was -10 degrees Fahrenheit. Holy crap. Level 2 snow emergency issues compounded the problem. The kids were stuck at home and no technician got out to the house. Thursday was another cold deal. I wrote about it like this:

After finishing a 7 mile run on the treadmill the evening prior, and worry over my rental house having no heat. My brain could not shut down for adequate rest. My daughter was a little fidgety in getting to sleep, I was diligently waiting a phone call from heating and cooling companies, and worried about how to coordinate the next day. Of course, why worry? It all fell apart. The only thing missing was the car breaking down. 

I made the executive decision to sleep in and not run. I might be a little off, but 10 hours between hard long runs is just a bit much. Add the lack of sleep, and you know I was not going to have a good go at it. My step daughter came in to say she had missed the bus. Shit. By the time I drop her off I am pushing it for my youngest to get to her bus. On top of that, my daughter cannot find her winter coat. Fabulous! I brushed my teeth loaded my laptop(s) iPad, and accessories for the day. All while tearing through my daughter’s room in search of a coat I know she had when I picked her up from school the other day. There were tears and piss-y attitudes while piling into the car. 

The old days of scary mornings came back. Granted, this day was the exception to the general rule these days. My head ran through all the things I had to get done for the day. 1. Get a god-damn technician out to see the renter’s furnace. 2. Get a run in. 3. Work emails. 4. Work taskings. 5. Oh yeah! Lunch packing. 6. Kids need to get to school. 7. Now I have to find a damn winter coat again. 8. Get my ass over to the rental before 8. What the hell am I cooking for dinner? 9. Touching base with tax clients 10. What about my own taxes? 11. God the three baskets of laundry downstairs needs folding. 12. I have to find a new car. 

The list goes on. The more I dwell on issues, I find more. The never ending cycle just eats me up for no go reason. Pretty soon, you’re getting nothing done as nothing is getting prioritized and worked. The treadmill of life continues. And we’re all on the damn wheel. After stepping back and waiting for the furnace technician to show up, I had to give a little contemplation to this. 

These issues are still resolving themselves. But I made it through the damn day! Yay! Friday came and went on a steady-ho. But my body caught up to me. I will say I am incredibly blessed to not have had the flu yet this year. But fluck me! Saturday morning had me running in other ways. This meant the run whether treadmill or outside could not happen without a very weird awkward mess…. Damn…. Still not too horrible. I haven’t even hit the 200 total miles for the year yet, but I also did not shit my pants…. 






This week was amazing. A light came on and I ran for it. The prior week held hard deadlines for the kids in school and myself at work. Oh! And the level 2 storm and heating emergencies. My body also was saying “no”. For no good reason. I ended the week way behind. 

This week I made no plans. But I ran. I didn’t even look at my mileage trackers like it was a bathroom scale only harboring only bad news. So much so I forgot I hit a major milestone. 200 miles. Monday’s run of 7 miles put me at 199. I updated the tracker and saw how stupid I was! I was right there! This gave me a kick in the pants to keep pushing the rest of the week though. 

I finally took scissors to my shoes and widened them out without returning them. I have a problem actually returning crap. I am a horrible trap when it comes to that. But damn it, I bought these before and I love the cushioning support ASAP. I did not want to return just to get something that wasn’t as supportive. I don’t care how cheap I look. My feet needed it and my wallet could use the reprieve. Wednesday had me out busting it. This was all outside in the lovely February weather. 

Most weeks have me petering out towards the end of the week with grand thoughts of a “long run” on the “weekend”. I believe are both myths to the working mother. My long runs on the weekend must be scheduled hard nowadays. The husband is working on the weekends leaving me responsible for childminding, all weekly chores and any child-related activities. Two years ago, I would just creep out Sunday mornings before anyone woke up and go run for hours. I would come home to everyone up and just getting their day going. I generally do not want to wake up at 3am just to get them in, but I fear that is going to be my future. 

I have another issue….. I cannot go more than 7 miles without the intense urge to take a dump in my shorts. My crap is becoming even more of an issue. Marathon training 2015 was so much easier. After 6 months of non-smoking, my bowels became shy. Jarring them with hours of running did not affect me. I even had a little constipation without the relaxing triggers of cigarettes to my colon according to the GI doctor I saw. Two and a half years later, the BMs are moving pretty smooth. Too smooth for this runner. I googled and came up with a game plan to combat this issue. 

I enjoyed my ONE day to sleep in and tackled house work all morning on Saturday. When I got a hankering for lunch, I ate piece of toast and peanut butter and headed out just as the snow was beginning to fall. This all was hours after my last caffeine intake. I had to cover my gps from the snow fall and just went for it. 9.5 miles without stopping! The only issue being the ice beginning to form on the roads and visibility. I’ll take that 9.5. 

This rounded out my lovely week at 39.7 miles. FINALLY running more than the 38.8 necessary to keep up. Only 7 weeks in and I did it! 





New fun days ahead. I am still having some up strange gastro issues. Long runs seem like an awesome idea until I’m in it. By mile five I feel I could churn out another five miles only to be stopped by the urge to crap my pants right after the turn on mile six or sometimes mile three. Most of my runs were done in the late afternoon or evening. The coffee consumption in the morning maybe my issue. However, running first thing in the morning usually give the same problem. 

I ran down the list of other possible contributions. One is very glaring. Aside from my diet and coffee consumption, I have NOT been too keen on the cross training. It is frustrating. I am spinning my wheels veering to the closest bathroom and wasting time creating waste. I don’t have the time for cross training right? It is TAX season people! I have let this slide after a great week running. My hope is that adding in the cross training on a more rigid schedule will give me an improved form. Benefits hopefully include injury prevention and smoother runs on the road and not in my bowels. 

Even while having to cut five out of seven runs short for bathroom emergencies, I ended the week at 36 miles. Only a few miles short but not a horrible deficit. I’ll take that to the bank. I am still in the race. But honestly, the crap has to stop. Literally. 

I flipped on the lovely Beachbody and focused on my legs. I didn’t care if I couldn’t walk the next day. If I couldn’t get a run in one day but better my chances the next, I had to take it. This is something to note. The prior week had no cross training. Both a bit last week and this week, I cannot comfortably run more than 6-7 miles without needing a bathroom break. 

No real short-term goals this year. You read it. We are simply trying to shake the winter off the shoulders and not die with crap in our shorts. 



02/26/2018 - 03/04/2018


Still putting miles on the credit card and hoping the balloon payment doesn’t cripple me. Although this week and last week had me at a 1-2 mile deficit overall. I am not too unhappy about this. The runs have come easily. Last week I committed myself to doing three days of cross training. For me, cross training cannot easily come in the form of a bike ride (I have no bike) or time to popping off to the gym. I don’t see how I can justify the commute to a gym. Heck I cannot even justify the commute to a running trail. All of my runs for this week have been around my neighborhood. 

Tax season has heated up. On top of that, the check engine light flashed on in the car, and the carpets needed shampooed. Let’s not talk about the leak in the roof. Even though that is the one thing under warranty, my husband has yet to call. Mold is good for the lungs right? One thing at a time. But hell, that one thing usually has me obsessing about how much running I can get in. 

The mornings have been nice and cool. The freezing weather flew east giving me ample reasons to run around the neighborhood at four-thirty. I actually bounced out of bed every single morning ready to go. The only problem was having to stop and use the toilet. The 5-7 mile runs were followed by 21 Day Fix. I did upper, abs and lower. I do not think I like any of the ab exercises. My neck was in pain from the strain more than my mid-section. Yes, her workouts are great but man, I can’t stand it. No, I was not pulling on my neck with my hands. I shall have to re-evaluate this. But in the mean-time, I was able to keep on keeping on the running. The BM urges are getting easier to handle even in the AM when my body is most ready for it. 

Thursday and Friday I actually could work from home. After running in the dark for four days, I held off my morning run. I began my workday sooner and enjoyed a warmer sunshine run that afternoon. Each 7 mile run was run a bit under tempo speed. Saturday had me running errands in the morning while shampooing cat piss out of the carpet on the stairs. This needed to be tackled sooner rather than later. The run was held later. Only to have my knee protest like a mother trucker at three and a half miles. The pain kept up for a good hour after but today I feel great. Sunday has to be a rest day for obvious reasons and holding me from my goal. 

I looked over my schedule for this Spring hoping beyond hope I could fit in a Spring marathon. I received my daughters’ club volleyball and soccer schedules. This is a part-time job. Analyzing the time spent for just the games had me panicking. My husband will not be able to cover due to work. All games and tournaments on the weekends will take about 10 hours. That’s not even including the practices on the weekdays. Soccer on Saturdays and Volleyball on Sundays. Any long runs will have to be done in the dog ass early mornings if I train. Oh yeah and there is the problem of actually finding a Marathon not conflicting with these activities or childcare for that duration. Four in the morning shall be my new best friend. I do enjoy running in the daylight and try to get out in it as much as possible. 

Now I feel any medals I do collect for myself are going to me much coveted. Time management and attention to get a race in is one thing, training for it is another. I cannot believe that at one point in my life, I held a fulltime job, had a 3 year old, 10 year old, husband, 2 dogs and oh studied for the CPA tests and still managed to keep my shit together enough to lose 40 flipping pounds AND have dinner cooked 5 nights a week. This shouldn’t be that hard right? 

Things to note! Hitting the 300-mile mark! This was a great joy on Saturday. I think this was the trigger for my knee. I got a little happy and pushed that last mile to a 7-minute pace while dodging cars. I plan on making March a good one for myself and others. I am consistently building the mileage without explosive damage.