Week 1!

Fourth of July FUN turns into Marathon Training


I bit the bullet and registered. Threw the credit card down and decided it was time to make it happen. I have run more miles in six month and I will be pissed if I do not get at least one actual race out of this. The schedule is made up and I am not putting the kiddos before me this time. They have a father to watch them on Saturday mornings. I had that duty for the past two years. I want my long runs back. 

So, 12 weeks to go and this week is a bit low on the mileage. Heavier runs are in my future. It does give me a little trepidation, but I have to think of the future here too. It also gives me a bit more time to pump out some cross training. Lower mileage weeks feel like they need to be padded with some muscle building and maintenance for the other weeks of just hard hitting. 


While scrolling through the social media, I feel like a slow-poke. I believe I am just getting SLOWER. For no good reason. My focus has been to just get as many miles in as possible. Not the actual easy, tempo, hill, or long run type. Then again, I never really did. As long as I got some miles in and did okay, it would be a win. But let’s see about this Yasso 800’s and speed work. I did such work this week! My FIRST real tempo run was on the treadmill. 5 X 800. It wasn’t too bad. I did it at my “10k” (which I really don’t know it depends on what mood I feel like). 

This week was only a 35 miler. The weather has been nice. And I even got to SLEEP in on Saturday and do my long run LATER. This was only a 10 miler and got my 900 mile marker for the year. The entire time I was freaking out about next week’s long run and how I am going to tackle that one. I was definitely done by evening time though. I kept the run at a good (not so easy pace but not too fast) no stops and enjoyed seeing the throngs of people out mid-morning. This is why I usually did my training at the but crack of dawn on Sundays when people were sleeping in and then running late to church. I may change back to my Sundays. But hopefully this leaves the rest of the weekend free for the family instead of training right smack in the middle. 

Week #2

Vacation Week


I am actually on top of things! Yay! I cannot believe that this is happening! Then again, I had a vacation this whole week. So things like work, and household stuff or animals got in my way. The focus has changed and I am re-to-go. 

Sunday was packing and laundry day for the most part. For whatever reason, I decided to run in the humid high 80 degree weather. I did not admit to any intelligence here. I assumed my body could take a nice three mile run outside. I was supposed to do some weights, but felt a bit stiff. A full day of car sitting was ahead. I needed to stretch out. Thank god for the versatility of Beachbody. I usually felt stuck in training plans, but I am going a little more lenient at least on the cross training. I did some P90X3 Dynamix. This is fantastic. All the old physical therapy things I was prescribed when I over worked my knee for the 2015 Columbus Marathon are in there plus some extra. 


Monday had me waking at the usual early ungodly hours for an 8 miler. Once in the car, vacation began. As long as I got a FEW of my midweek runs in, I felt ok. In the lovely Smokey Mountains, I had to readjust. I knew there would be some atmosphere differences, but holy hell, it was a tourist trap. Our cabin was on a giant hill. I would like to say I ran it all the time. I cannot. I did a few times though. Mostly down. 

I was a good girl while training for a marathon on vacation. My runs did not get skipped. There was only one major issue after white water rafting. I sound so bad-ass. Until you know how. We stopped at a rock where you could jump the river. The kids loved it. Since I paid for the experience, I had to get my money’s worth and jumped. All went well until I hoisted myself up out of the water and bent my knee to get a leg up. The rock made hard contact with it. There was pain. There was worries. Two weeks after registering for a marathon and then this??? Really? 


Rest day came around on Wednesday as opposed to Thursday for the above events. Ice and alcohol were administered. I could feel it protesting when I woke up the next morning. Luckily Thursday brought better prospects. Pigeon Forge at 0700 worked well. The streets were extremely quiet. The temperature stayed cool. I could run downhill for days, but the further I went, the further I had to walk/run up back to the cabin. Major downfall. 

Upon the return, I had a 16 miler to tackle. And I FAILED. Hardcore. Only 12 miles. I just don’t know what happened. This is why long runs are something I need to focus more on. Next week we are back to the original 16. Hopes and dreams somewhat on the line. Research on how to go from 10 to 100 miles without losing one’s mind is needed. 

37 Miles. I have not logged online or anywhere yet! But look! It’s not a crappy mileage week! WITH A VACATION. This is fantastic. 

Week #3

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I did not want to write this. It was an off week. Started out great! But no. It was like all the other repeat weeks. Frantic and fantastic at the start and then a slobbering mess at the end. Sunday was a hot and humid one. I wanted to get a bunch of chores done before work slammed into me after a week of vacation. The temperature was not too bad. But I knew a little sleep in and meal prepping before the run was going to make it a hot one. I did some stretching after and was ready to hit Monday. 

The five-er on Monday at zero-dark-thirty was welcomed. It shocked me too. It got a bit rough in the middle with my tummy. But a bathroom break helped out a lot. Tuesday was like a dream. Slow, slow dream but 7 miles came at the same dark, but more humid time. Although I started off with weight training first and a #2 stop at the bathroom before setting out. No more “not” fitting in the cross training. If I had a BM like that before each run, I’m going to keep up with that. 

This new thing of speed training is actually being acknowledged. I usually overlooked them as a novice runner. The goal was to finish not to go for speed. But I stuck with the tempo run of a 9:30 min/mile pace. Come to find out, I can do this a lot easier later in the day when I am more awake. I am faster after a pot of coffee, a good BM and food digested. I may want to do tempo and speed work on days that I can do them later in the day. Probably not in my dark hilly neighborhood. 

I almost ran on Thursday. This is the day where things breakdown in my week but for some reason, I wanted to get it in! Instead of weights I was feeling a bit stiff. More than usual. I did some yoga. This is not my thing. My rear was sore for 3 days. Obviously ,squats are not the only thing my glutes need. I need them to be as well rounded in functionality to support some heavy mileage. Again, this maybe a keeper too. 

Friday morning is when the light started to flicker. Not only was the run excruciating from my non-BM morning tummy, my head was killing me. The back of my skull was throbbing so hard, I actually took acetaminophen. I do not like OTC drugs. They are there for a purpose, not a crutch. This was unusual, and very rare. Their use was justified. But then later in the day, I felt the pressure increase at work and a feverish feel. 

I texted my husband and asked him to care for the young. My temperature started to slowly increase and I rolled myself into the car and off to urgent care. An hour wait, and a $30 copay told me I had something viral. I thought I was dying but still asked about my ability to do a 16 mile run. 

I ended the week on Saturday with 8 miles. I woke up ran and passed out for a few hours. The fever was gone, but the head pressure remained. I was exhausted. Illness does not suit me. Whatever that was just wiped me out. Although another 8 miles would have put me at the mark, I could not do it. Damn it. 

Week #4

It was a crap storm of epic proportions this week.  Let us just put it that way.  Sunday through Thursday I had the worst side pain after a mile.  Like I was going out to hard no matter how easy I would take it.  

I would get a few miles in and then need to walk out the cramping pain.  It would take my darn breath away.  This was torture.  

On the bright side, the youngest was all about running and mom's new speed really suited her.  I would have to stop and walk a lot.  This is the best for the wee-one trying to build up stamina.  

Meanwhile, work has just exploded.  I logged around 50 hours this week.  Luckily it was a kid-free weekend.  Unfortunately for my husband, his truck needed repairs.  

I still un-guiltily left the house on Saturday morning feeling good about the 16 miles I was finally taking.  I put new Dr. Scholls inserts in my darn shoes.  This was a major regret later.  It was a great run.  I did run out of water too soon and need to find my extra running bottle somewhere in the freaking house!  A great audiobook helped out tremendously.  Nothing can hold your attention more than a thriller when running 16 long and lonely miles.  

No side pain.  What-so-ever!  But every time I stopped for water or adjustments my left heel was protesting horribly.  As long as I kept running, it was okay.  I really hate/love these long runs.  Truly I do.  They are such a grind.  To not cop-out and make excuses is such a victory.  That type of discipline is hard to come by.  Every time I do it, I am so freaking proud of myself.  Whenever I hear someone say they do it, I get a little crush on them.  

But I did it!  I was so worried.  Terrified that it was not going to happen.  I ended my week not only with 41 miles (yes finally getting back to what I need here) I also finally hit the 1,000 miles for the year!