May 28 Through June 3

I have said it before.  we're going for 200  miles this month.  Yep.  It has to happen.  Too lazy in May is now calling for some major changes.  I did slack a bit but supplemented with some cross training.  My legs felt like lead for 3 days.  Some how I did manage to get 7 miles in on Tuesday but Wednesday through Thursday were hell on the legs.  But I did get my 700 mile mark.  Although I am about 120 miles BEHIND for the year.  

I prepped like a mad woman.  My Fitness Pal account is now up to date and going to have to be the best friend I am reacquainting myself with.  

I watched the 10th documentary on Amazon prime about the dangers of sugar and am re-thinking my carbs even with high mileage.  This gave me the boost to drop some serious money at the meet market for New York strip steaks to last me the summer.  I had start out the month right.  And the kid's summer on the right track.  

My schedule is something to fear.  Between the two kids' swimming and volleyball, oh and I need to actually perform a job to pay some bills, I no longer look forward to the summer.  But I am looking forward to actually accomplishing more than the minimum.

Only 28 miles this week.  Yes!  One more than last week!  Still not enough.  BUT I did throw out an 8 miler after my legs recuperated from the hard cross training.  I have slowed down my long pace and no longer pacing as I have unrealistic expectations.  

Week 2

June 4 Through June 10

This week started off beautifully.  Still busy as hell between work and the kids.  So let's just try to run around 38-50 miles this week right?  But it did go well.  

Usually I kill myself on morning runs trying to wake up and run a certain pace my body is not ready for.  This week was taken extremely slow.  I padded the week with a few runs I knew I would be ok not making the full mileage.  We need to consider over training.  

Luckily, my body was doing well.  I was up around 4-5 am every single day.  And only had to cut two of the 6 runs short on Friday and Saturday.  Monday and Wednesday had me going 8.5 miles before 6:30AM.  Tuesdays and  Thursdays were 7 milers at the same time WITH come cross-training.  I need to build it up!  

And luckily the slower runs have held of the need to use the toilet in the middle of the run.  I have been giving myself an extra half hour to wake up and stretch before throwing clothes on and pounding pavement.  

Friday was a bit weird.  The weather for the week was perfect for running.  Just chilly without the humidity that can drain you.  But the dogs needed out and my husband had to get going.  So the run had to end early.  Saturday was much the same.  I was up early getting my daughter ready for a swim meet and did not want to be late.  

Sunday was a NO run day.  I'm not comfortable with it.  BUT the last few weeks of this have really set a great tone for the first few days of the new week which I hope continues.  

I have had made it a point to go to bed at 9 pm whether I wanted to or not.  But getting up and going out seems a bit easier.  

From literally high 20 mile weeks I finally got to 38 miles this week for the first time in over a month.  I am FINE with this.  I feel great and happy I am not over extending things.  This gives me a good outlook for the rest of the month though.  

51 miles out of 200... still a lot to cover in 3 weeks.  But doable with a strong base.

Week 3

So this week I got my ass in gear!  The weather has been fantastic and life is still pretty busy.  I actually worked a full week AND had my teeth cleaned for the first time in over a year.  I knew I was a bit late pushing it off.  When I went in, the hygienist informed me that it was over a year.  Oops.  But I got it in finally.  On top of all the running, I am still cavity free and almost 33.  

I decided to stop trying to do speed work.  This is getting too much to manage while trying to push out so many miles.  No wonder I get so empty at the end of the week?  This week was no exception.  I was just so slow!  8.5 miles every single morning at 4:30 AM.  They weren’t pretty.  The slower pace allowed me to continue with very little stops.  I did not have the urge to crap myself unless I started to pick up the pace.  

I have been confined to running around my neighborhood.  Although it’s not adventurous, it is safer and not as boring as a darn treadmill at the ungodly hour.  I noticed an older couple got a labra-doodle puppy.  They promptly have him out at the top of the hour around 5 and then again around 6.  He is barely 12 weeks old and getting so well trained.  I run past their house about 5-10 times every morning like a stalker.  And that little boy gets so excited but so well behaved.  I HAVE to start carrying treats just for him I think.  As he sits to watch me run past him (2 times to get back) he has to sit patiently and learn not to jump on pedestrians unlike my own dogs.  Every time I see them, I think of how I am so happy I no longer have to deal with the bladder of a 

The goal to 200 seemed almost doable.  Until Friday.  My knee was starting to give some protest.  No pain but definitely getting stiff.  I cut my run SHORT.  And stretched a wee bit more.  I knew this would happen.  The pittance amount cross training was starting to show.  I played it by ear on Saturday at o-dark-thirty (again) and the same thing happened.  Although I am so pumped to get the 200 this month, I do not think it’s possible.  I should have started this huge grouping of mileage EARLIER in the flucking month.  Not so late!  (Are you seeing a pattern of procrastination here?)  Needless to say, I wanted to just keep running and make it up on Sunday.  However, shampooing over 1500 square feet of carpet in my house on Saturday, just did not help the stiffness in my knee making Sunday a necessary rest day of sorts.  

I am happy to turn a corner and stop screwing around.  This needs to get done.  Unfortunately, I’m not the fastest pony in the pen but the persistence is just fantastic.   I have been seeing a lot less activity on the social medias about this.  This is the turning point for a lot I guess.  Our enthusiasm is weaning and we’re all trying to grit it out or drop out.  I refuse!  

804 Miles done so far…. Happy to at least get another 100 under the belt!  

Week 4!


So this week was awkward. The heat is starting to come on and my passion for the running is faltering. I know that 200 miles this month is probably not happening but super happy to know that I’m not pulling in small 25-mile weeks. I know. Most people would roll their eyes at 25 miles of running in a week thinking it is crazy. But I need about 15-18 MORE miles than that. 

We did have some extremely crappy weathered mornings making the runs impossible to complete outside. I have noticed that my body is tuned into waking up at 0430 much easier lately. Again, I wok up and ran a good 8 miles on Monday. Ready for a refreshing start to my week. Tuesday a little ran had me cut out only 6 miles. And then Wednesday and Thursday just had me pooped. I was up and running but the motivation was not there. 

My aunt flew into town on Tuesday which may have had me a little off. Not that it is at all her fault but there were other pressures from the sick husband and then the youngest’s allergies really kicking up. But on Friday, I had a little push and rounded out 8 miles. 

Saturdays this month have been ROUGH. My daughter is in swimming and meets start at 0700. This is a bit harder to wake up at 0430, get a long run in, pack a bunch of food and get myself and child ready for the meets. I only got in 3 miles. Luckily, we are almost done with these and for good reason. 

Sunday I finally ran somewhere else! We were staying over at my sister-in-law’s who is right next to the Ohio Tow Path. Nice and flat. Although this is my rest day, I had to take advantage. A lovely 10 miler! Fantastic. I came back sweaty only to have hot sausage, pancakes, and eggs made for me. I think I need to suggest my husband do this for me.