03/05/2018 - 03/11/2018

Week #10

Seriously one of the more epic weeks Just happened to fall on my birthday. But as my boobs diminish, my stomach is starting to follow suit!  

I hit my 300 Mile Mark!

Even though I am behind, I can at least say I got something pretty awesome so early in the year.

Weekly Review:

Just chugging along. It seems that the weeks I do not have huge aspirations for turn out to be some of my best. Sunday required a rest day which had me jumping out and celebrating my birthday with a lovely 7 mile run in the morning. It was freezing. I could not warm up the rest of the day. Instead of going out again to the trails and lobbing on more miles, I had some wine and went to bed early.


Tuesday started out with the same perk. All was well but still freezing. I stopped at home to check that my step daughter was awake and getting ready. The need to take tinkling advantage arouse. So, I sat on the potty only to catch myself almost falling off the toilet. I passed out with my pants down. My temperature seemed to be creeping up to the high 90’s. Fuck. Happy Birthday to me! I was sure I had the flu. Called the boss-man showered and went back to bed for most of the day. The temperature did not spike again thank God. I almost got a little mad that my run was cut short, but so happy later when my symptoms did not indicate the flu. I think my body just called it quits. It needed 16 hours of sleep for some reason. The next few days had me on the dreadmill. I had to see if the cardio was causing me to feel funky. Safety first people. I did not think about how many miles I needed to make the 200 miles for March. The goal was to see how I felt at my normal mile-ranges without passing out when I came to a complete stop. 

The weather is no help. The freezing is back and I am getting over it. I feel very few people can complain about the weather. I see the posts from a wide variety of people on social media. Mostly complaining. Some are just “thankful” for weird or normal climate in response to those who just complain. I rarely complain weather wise. But man, I have never NEVER ever ran so many miles in temperatures ranging from 2-43 degrees Fahrenheit. Most people call it horrible just brushing their damn car off and driving to a heated office or store. Well pound out a half-dozen miles in this weather over and over when its dark, cloudy, or snowing and tell me how you really feel about that walk to and from your car-to-shelter. Granted this is my choice. It is my choice to keep my goal. It is my choice to not abuse my treadmill everyday. So this leaves very little wiggle-room for me and those in my situation. We endure to conquer. But boy, do I have a reason to finally not run in this crap.


I can even see myself actually training for a marathon in these conditions which I previously wrote off! This week had me crying over race schedules searching for a “present”. With both kids in sports both Saturday and Sunday, and a husband working those prime race days, I am shit out of luck until June. The one year I finally put the mileage in to train for an early spring or ANY spring marathon is moot. Woah is me. Shall I complain more?

Heck yeah! I freaking passed out on my toilet stone cold sober or diabetic issues. Who the fuck does that? On top of that I love how the “advice” I am getting about “just get a sitter”. Because a stranger coordinating games 30 minutes away from each other 2 hours apart in two different sports is gonna be available. Hell, they won’t be able to call me for questions. And screw that noise of missing a game. Do you know how expensive club volleyball is? We have paid for her to play, not for me to keep her back while I go out on a run and pay MORE for a flipping sitter. I especially love how people assume I have not thought it through. But I digress…

Once Spring arrives, please give me a little grace. I dream about morning runs that do not include layers of clothing. 

This leave me with 38.2 miles for the week. A slow chomp. But a pretty solid number if I do say so myself.

WEEK #11


03/12/2018 - 03/18/2018

The week has just passed by so quickly. I pulled my head out of my ass and addressed my short term ridiculous goal of 200 miles in the month of March. Crunching the numbers revealed I only ran 145 miles to go! Although I am happy I didn’t die on the toilet last week, I needed to focus. 

The weather held steady a bit. Springtime temperatures have helped. I was able to go out and run twice on Monday. The time change gave me time to enjoy the bike trail while dropping a child off at volleyball practice. But then I crashed on Tuesday along with the temperature outside. I could only pull 3 miles without feeling it. It almost felt like pulling teeth on Wednesday when I could not muster the courage to run more than 3 miles in the morning again. But I made up for it on the treadmill that night. 

The mood twisted on Thursday though. I was excited to not have to run in the morning. I was planning on working from home and enjoy a nice lunchtime run when it would be above freezing and light outside. But the youngest child woke up to say she was not feeling it. By 9 in the morning, her temperature started to rise sharply. We hustled to urgent care for strep throat. The planned on unchtime run was replaced with medicine and vomit. By the time the eldest got off the bus and into the house, I was ready to lace up the shoes. The door had not even closed behind her when child #1 declared her throat was hurting. I RAN out of the house and pumped out ten miles like my life depended on it. That crap was going to fester in my house and become a mutant that will knock me on my ass. I needed to get as many miles in as possible. 

With two sick kids home and work-related deadlines, I was happy to take the rest day on Friday as opposed to Saturday. I wanted to get as much running in as possible before I succumbed to sickness. But this was not in the cards. Luckily, this did not happen! I still had a ton to catch up on during the weekend and scrub the house down. 

Week recap: 2 sick kids, 50 plus hours of work and 46.8 miles ran! I haven’t logged that many miles the entire year. Anything is possible….