First Week of May

April 30th through May 6

April showers bring May flowers.  After the most craziest starts to the year, I am finally seeing the end of the tunnel.  My husband is now off on the weekends.  I almost wanted to salivate at the prospects.  Unfortunately, we are almost done with the volleyball club season and half way through soccer.  I am so proud of what I did accomplish during the tax season and still getting the kids to their own commitments.  

Saturday before the week started, I went to pick up shoes for the youngest and found some Mizuno Wave 17 on CLEARANCE.  And in my size.  Bingo.  I ran a marathon in these puppies.  An extra $38 was well spent that day.  

On Monday I threw on the new shoes  and went on a regular six mile run.  It was great.  I noticed that my husband has been wearing my socks.  They were a bit loose in my shoe and crumbled between my left big toe and the other one.  It rubbed very well.  I shrugged it off and felt fine the rest of the day.  

Tuesday, I was out and noticed there was a war-wound.  the skin rubbed off the bottom of my foot somehow.  I was powering through the pain but 3.5 miles was not going to happen.  Each morning had me going out thinking that it was healed enough but Wednesday through Sunday had me only pulling 2-4 miles.  I should have just stopped for a day.  But I am getting paranoid!  

Week #2 of May

May 7 Through May 13

So tax season is done but the rest of the world was waiting to pounce on me.  Work is getting a bit crazy.  But we're working through it.  My foot is finally feeling better.  But the weather is not making things better.  My cat best depicts my feelings on this subject.  At some point I feel like I may fall off here

I have recommitted to crosstraining 2 times a week.  This is a necessity.  I now need to blow out about 5.8 miles a day to get right.  

As per my usual.  I hit it hard and well at the beginning of the week but petered out towards the end.  The goal was consistent 6 mile runs every morning.  

31 Flucking miles.  That's it?!  Something is really wrong with me here.  

633 miles is more than I have ever done in 5 months.  I should not sniff at that.  This is a big undertaking.  But I am still about 100 miles behind here.  

I shall keep the blogging going.  Someone needs to learn from my mistakes... 

In the meantime.  Volleyball is done.  I sat outside the convention center to see Arnold.  I need a freaking statue of myself if I actually complete this thing.  

May Week #3

5/14/2018 through 5/20

Week 20


Something fantastic happened this week. I think there was a good click that pushed my mileage up just a bit. They have been slow and trudge-y at times but things are changing. Both good and bad. My nonrunning life seems to really impact the running part of life. The shift from winter/spring to summer. Let’s face it spring did not really happen; it just shifted swiftly from one extreme to the other. Seems to give me a weird jolt of either full on or just not at all happy. 

I was hell bent on getting 6 miles a day every day. Usually, after a crappy run I would teeter a bit and quit. But I was hell-bent on getting exactly 6 miles a day. Everyday. There were some crappy slow miles. Not my usual 9-minute median at all. But some a little better and the majority really slow. Grit had to kick in just to sludge the last few miles a day. On Tuesday, I only got in four miles in the morning. But kicked myself to pop out another 2 in the evening. I did not want to break the commitment so quickly. This week felt like a make-it or break-it type of week. 

My step-daughter’s volleyball club season has ended. Leaving her with more time and less of an athletic commitment. During dinner on Tuesday, the discussion came to exercise and suddenly BOTH girls requested I take them out on a run in the morning. I immediately thought that this is not going to happen. It is lofty for both kids. But I will tentatively try to wake them up at the appropriate times and we’ll make a go of it. I will not make the effort to push them. 

Wednesday morning came with some skepticism. I woke and got dressed for a run and lightly knocked on the eldest step-daughter’s door. In five minutes, she came down. We set out for her mile-run. This is not normal. But we made it. Only 2 minutes of walking but she got her mile in. For a girl who would cry at any moment of incremental bit of discomfort, she powered through. When we were done, she told me she felt like throwing up, but just very perky. I almost cried with happiness to see how tough she has gotten. I bid her goodbye as she went home to shower and I logged a few more miles before waking my other child for her run. 

Miraculously, the youngest was eager to head out too! For a person who takes 10 minutes to feed the dogs, I was shocked. This was my last mile of the day. I got to spend it with my 8-year-old. We had to do some run/walk intervals obviously. I timed it to see what pace she was starting to prefer and what type of work we could do. We rounded towards the house as the bus came to pick up my step-daughter and husband leaving for work. The sun was out. It was still cool outside and honestly rounded out the greatest morning ever. My mileage paces were obviously way off. But this is something to work on with both kids and to factor in later. They won’t hold back my goals and I do not want to ditch them just to work on my own. 

Thursday and Friday came with similar starts to the morning. BOTH girls waking up when I knocked and a beginning and end to my runs. Some pacing issues with each child but we are still new to this running-together-party. They are not distance runners. I am trying to be one. Both need speed for differing sports. They both enjoy the early morning endorphins though. 

So the girls kind of spurred me on Wednesday through Friday. Friday and Sunday did have to be cut a little short. I did wake up the youngest earlier to get in the one mile with her before the rain hit. I only got 4 miles in due to rain. But another week of not putting any more miles on the credit card. Plans are now turning to better things. 

671 Miles down….. Week 20…. Almost half way there…. How to get this done??????

Week #4

May 21 Through May 27

I hereby dub this the crappy running month.  With no good reason other than running sucks.  I hate it.  I have no goals I have no drive to go more than 4 miles a stretch.  The week started out with a two miler on Monday.  I was hoping for 6.  Tuesday and Wednesday I actually put in 4.  And then shit hit the fan later in the week as I had planned.  Thursday had me running along and trying to save a suicidal cat playing with the neighbor's shaky gutter and crying to get out.  

I just think this week was not on my side running-wise and yes, I know that this is mostly mental.  I feel fine.  But I cannot get into it.  

Summer is upon us.

It was the last week of school for the kids.  Unfortunately a ceiling patch at my youngest's school feel down while school was in session and no school for the kids on Monday.  I freaked out.  I know this stress did not put me in the right mind to run.  Luckily she only missed the one day.  Thank god as I had so much work to get to it was crazy to think about what I would have to juggle. On top of that, we have a new driver in the house.    

I make more unrealistic promises

I cannot believe I am actually putting this out here.  But yes!  This is the struggle.  Kinda like quitting smoking or starting an exercise routine.  I just need to push or give up.  The weather is on me.  So now is the time.  

Only freaking 27 miles.  I think I know its just a waste of a month and time to plan a big June blow out.